Where to complain about a lender?

In most cases, problems arise between lenders and borrowers, due to the fact that the latter do not want or can not return the funds and pay interest for their use. However, there may be situations when the borrower understands that the lender is committing violations and does not understand where to complain.

Initial stage

First of all, you should try to understand immediately on the spot. If an employee of the credit Department does not want to make contact or does not take the client’s words seriously, you should call the manager or administrator. It happens that they are not in place, then you should contact the employees of the main office. When such actions do not bring results, you will have to make and submit a complaint. The bank must provide a response to such a complaint within 10 days, and it must be in writing. If the problem has not been resolved and the borrower is still confident in their rightness, you will have to contact other authorities.

The appeal to the CPS and the FAS

There are several Supervisory bodies. You can complain about the bank, for example, to Rospotrebnadzor. This organization accepts both oral and written complaints. Today, branches of this body have the right to initiate administrative proceedings against credit organizations.

Most often, this Supervisory authority has to solve questions about the illegal commission charged by the bank for opening and further servicing a credit account and for increasing the interest rate on a consumer loan unilaterally, without discussion with the borrower. It accepts applications for individual employees who are incompetent and for financial institutions with inadequate service.

It is not uncommon today for banking organizations to advertise their products in different ways. There is nothing wrong with the ad itself, but in some cases, it does not correspond to reality. Often, the lender indicates a lower percentage in advertising than later appears in the loan agreement. In such cases, you can complain about the actions of the lender to the Federal Antimonopoly service. You can do this via the Agency’s website, or by sending a letter to the territorial office of the FAS. Each complaint receives a response, which is received in 15-20 days.

The Central Bank and the court

The above methods do not always help you solve the problem. In this case, you can try to solve everything through the Central Bank. On the website of this Department, there is a virtual reception, where you can leave your complaint or claim about the actions of a particular banking organization. Practice shows that this reception tries to work quickly, solve all issues in the shortest possible time and at the same time its work is effective.

If the bank seriously violates the rights of its credit client, applies illegal actions, all of them must be recorded. If there is evidence, you can apply to the court, which will restore justice, and the bank’s client will additionally be able to receive compensation for the moral damage caused.