What is the portrait of an average bank borrower?

Every day, a huge number of people apply to the bank for money loans, and there are many reasons for this. According to statistics, various categories of citizens apply to credit companies. This way, not only people with average incomes go to the bank, but also those who have a high level of wages. So what is it-the average bank borrower?

Some go to a financial company to buy something that you can’t buy on your own, and others go to a bank to buy what you want, but without any problems with the family budget.

So, for example, some people make mortgage loans not because they do not have the entire amount to buy an apartment or house, but for the reason that the bank before issuing loans must check the property and all related documents.

The financial position of the client

Basically, those citizens who adequately assess their capabilities and really understand that they will finish what they started before the end go to credit organizations for financial support. But, often in the bank go and those whose earnings are equal to twenty thousand. It should only be noted that the latter category of citizens issues small loans. For example, to buy a new smartphone, an inexpensive sofa, or household appliances.

By and large, all borrowers make money loans for reasons such as:

  • In the case of credit cards-you need a permanent bank “in your pocket”, and there is no time to constantly issue new loans.
  • To buy jewelry or new-fangled gadgets and match their status.
  • Buy an expensive product-an apartment or car.

As for credit card holders, they use credit cards to:

  1. Resolve an unexpected situation (for example, a car broke down);
  2. Make it to the paycheck

Age criteria

Many credit card companies prefer to issue cash loans only to borrowers who have reached the age of twenty-one. According to experienced financial experts, only this category of citizens can fully fulfill their obligations to a financial organization.

However, some credit institutions also lend money to individuals who have just reached the age of majority. According to statistics, citizens aged between twenty-five and thirty-five apply to the bank for financial support, while those aged forty mostly apply for large loans and business loans.

It turns out that the most suitable age for applying for a loan is the period from twenty-six to thirty years. People in this category are mostly settled in life and have a stable income. Also, by twenty-eight, more than 74% of citizens have families and children, so they will try to repay the debt on time and without various penalties.

It should be noted that despite the age, marital status, or, for example, the presence of liquid property, the bank’s security service will still refer to the borrower’s credit history. This is the main rule of any bank.

A special category today is mortgage borrowers who are ready to pay their mortgage no matter what. The main thing for them is their own housing.