The secrets of lead generation

It is no secret that the Internet, in comparison with traditional methods of communication in business, has significantly increased the speed of communication between its users. If, for example, some 2-3 decades ago, the number of competing companies specializing in one type of business activity in one region was relatively small, now their number has grown by tens or even hundreds of times with the spread of the Internet.

Be in the trend

Many people have heard this popular expression, but only a few people can explain what it specifically means. It’s simple. Keep up to date with the latest developments in the right industry, fashion trends, use popular celebrities for your own purposes; everything that is at the top of the public attention should play on you.

Example: Probably many people watched the old movie “Guest from the future”. Almost all girls of the Soviet Union dreamed of being like the main character of the film Alice Selezneva. Ask your parents about this. The cross of Dominic Toretto (VIN Diesel “fast and furious”), the watch from the physical teacher (Dmitry Nagiev “physical Teacher”), copies of iPhones, sandals from Rihanna, and many other things from popular celebrities are now diverging at the moment.

Sell on one Internet resource one friend

Do not try to save money on creating multiple sites and offer to buy kitchen products, phones, bed linen, and a lot of other things on one resource, especially when there is nothing special to offer. Leave this task to the online hypermarket. The goal of the site is to convince the customer to purchase a product or service, and not to make them choose what to buy. A large selection leads to doubts about the feasibility of buying, or forces you to postpone it for some time, during which he may well take advantage of the offer of competitors.

Minimize the client’s actions on the site

Surely you’ve seen such Internet-resources on which to reach desired goods, you need to commit a lot of action, starting with registration with information up to the home address, and ending with passing through a dozen different filters for product selection. As a result, everything ends up searching for other sites. People are lazy by nature, so you should try to minimize the client’s actions on the site as much as possible.

Example: Statistics show that a single field “Home phone” in the registration form on the site leads to the loss of 30% of customers. Well, why, tell you, in addition to the mobile client number, also the landline phone number? And the ability to add an item to the cart only after registration leads to the loss of up to 60% of potential buyers.