The most profitable bank deposits

The most effective type of capital investment is an investment in bank deposits. Thanks to such deposits, money begins to make money. Well, as a result of successful investment, you can get a tangible monetary profit.

Which deposit should I give preference to?

Deposits are salary, children’s, pension, housing, investment, seasonal, and educational, which differ in interest rates and terms of investment. There are two types of bank deposits; term deposits and “on-demand” deposits.

A Term deposit is an investment of funds in an account for a certain period of time and with the possibility of receiving dividends after the agreement expires. In case of premature termination of the agreement, the bank has the right to impose penalties.

The “on-demand” deposit involves keeping funds on the account for unlimited time and the possibility for monthly withdrawal of dividends. The deposit is closed at the first request of the depositor. Comparing the interest rates of these deposits, we can conclude that the amount of dividends for a term investment is much higher than for a demand deposit.

In the case of an assumed residence on the interest from the deposit, the best choice will be deposited with the monthly or quarterly withdrawal of dividends. Naturally, the best guarantee for a high-interest rate on the deposit will be a significant amount of money on the deposit account. When choosing the most profitable deposits in Volgograd, you should pay attention to entering into the agreement such conditions as early closing of the deposit with a possible loss of interest on the deposit, only for the last month.

The most profitable currencies for investment

If you intend not only to save capital but also to increase investment, then you will have to ask yourself in what currency it is profitable to make deposits. It is difficult to advise on this issue, since recently, due to the global economic crisis, the positions of both the dollar and the Euro have begun to fluctuate greatly.

However, the opinion of professional investors has not changed much. at the moment, small short-term investments in the national currency are profitable. In the case of long-term deposit plans, it is recommended to give preference to euros or dollars due to the greatest stability of these world currencies.