How to withdraw personal data from the bank?

When applying for a loan, a person fills out a form in which they usually specify several contact mobile phone numbers, an email address, and possibly a work and home phone number. After some time, you may encounter Intrusive banking specialists who constantly offer to become participants in a credit program or use another bank service.

The actions of bank employees are explained simply; in addition to their salary, they receive bonuses and bonuses, which depend on the number of loans issued per month, credit cards issued, and other services rendered. It turns out that the more an employee attracts clients, the higher their salary will be. Therefore, many people find the data of old customers and try to impose some service on them. To prevent bank employees from sending messages or making calls, you should revoke your personal data.

What does the law say?

When entering into a loan or using other services of a financial organization, a person agrees that this organization will process personal data. If a person does not have any debts to a financial institution, they have the right to write an application to the credit institution at any time with a request to delete all personal data from the database. The application must be made in several copies. One such copy must be sent to the main bank office, and the second to the banking division where the loan was previously issued.

You should remember to keep one copy of this statement for yourself. At the same time, the bank branch must put a mark on it about the acceptance of this application for consideration. If the bank does not fulfill its obligations, it will be possible to apply to the court with such a document. Serious financial organizations adhere to the current legislation and delete customer data from their database when a person first contacts them. But not all banks work honestly and some of them may refuse to delete customer data. In this case, you can try to resolve the issue through the court.

If the client has debts

Banking organizations will immediately refuse to delete the client’s personal data if they have credit debts. Therefore, a person who wants to get rid of Intrusive representatives of a banking organization, before applying for the withdrawal of their data from the database of a financial organization, must fully repay all their debts.

In this case, the law will not even help, and this is understandable. Every lender wants to get back their money that was given to the person under the loan agreement. If all personal data, including all the customer’s phone numbers and address, is deleted, the bank will not be able to contact the customer and get them to fulfill their obligations under the loan agreement.

If the application was accepted, the financial institution may refer to certain articles of the law in its written response, on the basis of which the lender may not delete the data as long as the client is a debtor. By the way, you can not wait for an answer at all, which is also allowed by law.