How to distinguish a truly dedicated employee?

First of all, let’s pay attention to the following fact: true loyalty of employees of the company and the business they are engaged in has nothing to do with blind unconditional obedience or the term of their employment.

True loyalty of employees is shown not only in their continuous desire to contribute to the successful development and prosperity of the company but also in other, sometimes very unexpected, aspects. For example:

1. Showing not only efficiency but also honesty

An employee who constantly tries to do only the right and beneficial things for the company, even if sometimes it goes against the opinions and wishes of his superiors, actually demonstrates the highest form of commitment to the company, because he saves it from mistakes, risking his own position.

2. Initiation of discussions

Dedicated employees are truly concerned about the state of affairs in the company, and they are not afraid to voice their opinions, raise issues of concern and interest to them, and take the initiative.

3. The ability to enjoy the successes of colleagues

Employees who are interested in the constant promotion of their company are able to sincerely enjoy the success of their colleagues and appreciate their achievements. In doing so, they also demonstrate good interpersonal skills, because it is one thing to get praise from their superiors and quite another to get it from a colleague.

4. Expression of disagreement

The management of most large companies encourages various kinds of discussions and disputes because it is thanks to them that you can make the most correct and balanced decision, weighing all the pros and cons and listening to all the opinions and arguments of the team. Dedicated employees Express their points of view, even if they know that someone might not like them, and always rebel against making a decision or suggestion that they think is unreasonable.

5. Public support

Here we are talking about the support of employees for all decisions of their direct management. And even if these decisions seem impractical to them, truly dedicated employees try to turn even the existing disadvantages into advantages.

6. The courage to tell the head of his mistakes

A truly dedicated employee is not afraid to tell his manager what he does not want or is afraid to hear, regarding mistakes made by him, unjustified initiative, and wrong decisions.

7. The resignation

As a rule, for highly qualified professionals, it is possible to get more favorable offers or the need to leave the company for a number of other reasons. But a good employee will not leave suddenly or at a time of crisis for the company, and will certainly prepare the ground for their dismissal.