Do you need to tell the bank the truth?

When making consumer loans, many borrowers are confused by the need to specify the purpose for which they take money in the application. Especially if they know that the bank for this purpose will either not give money at all, or force them to take another loan. Which is not suitable for any reason. And it also happens that when you apply for a loan, the goal was one, and a couple of days later there was another, no less important need. Can all this become an obstacle for the borrower?

Fortunately, most consumer loans are in the non-target category. This means that the bank needs information about the future of the money issued to you formally. Of course, you will be asked where you intend to spend it. But this will be purely a formality, for statistical data and sifting out really stupid reasons. Otherwise, when you get the money, you spend it the way you intended. For example.

For holiday

Recreation is now expensive both in our country and abroad. And it is not easy to save up for a decent vacation with the whole family and a lot of positive emotions. There is always something you need to buy right now, without putting it off and the money for a vacation… Well, next month we will put more aside. Familiar? Almost everyone does. But credit payments are a priority obligation that you can no longer fail to fulfill.

Unlike a targeted vacation loan, a cash loan gives you much more freedom of choice. You determine your own route, program, mode of travel, and place of residence. You decide how many days you will spend where. Well, there will also be left for Souvenirs. Therefore, many people prefer to overpay, rather than take ready-made programs.

For repair

Another reason to borrow money, quite justified, what to hide, is the need for repairs. Of course, everything will depend on the scale of the planned changes. Major high-quality repairs will cost so much that the loan will have to be secured and hire professional craftsmen.

But if you decide to just update the interior a little, a non-purpose cash loan will help you with this. This is much better than stretching out this very dubious pleasure, buying materials in parts, and using them in parts.

Additional education

It happens that the desired position is just a little short-knowledge, skills, just “crust”. Courses, trainings, professional development-all this costs money, sometimes a lot. But on credit, banks are ready to help you get only the first higher education. Very rarely-the second.

For everything else, we have to find additional funds. And comfort yourself with the fact that these expenses will definitely pay off. After all, the more professional an employee you are, the more you can count on being noticed, promoted, and paid. Well, or at least you won’t fall under another reduction. And if so, you will be more in demand in the labor market.

For the wedding

despite the controversial and ill-advised nature of this decision, many people still decide that starting a family life with debt is not so terrible as not celebrating this very beginning with all the chic and brilliance. True, both chic and Shine need a lot of money, and therefore young people, and sometimes their parents, have to move into the category of borrowers.